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baby popcorn

Children's popcorn HAPPY CORN "Mi-mi-mishki"⠀⠀With caramel

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Children's popcorn HAPPY CORN "Mi-mi-mishki"⠀⠀

With caramel

Incredible flavor of classic salty popcorn or crunchy caramel popcorn, or maybe a fruit mix? What flavor will your child choose?

We took into account the wishes of all parents, therefore, only components that are safe for the child's body are included. The product is prepared exclusively with coconut oil and does not contain dyes that affect the activity and attention of children.

And most importantly, there is a surprise toy inside each pack that will delight a boy or a girl, because these are the favorite Be-be-bears!

Convenient packaging format will allow you to have a snack anywhere. Sincere joy of the child is guaranteed!

  • Net weight50gr.
  • Pack amount12pc.
  • Pack weight0.8kg.
  • Shelf life9mth.
Popcorn HAPPY CORN "Skazochnyj patrul"for microwave cookingSalt

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Popcorn HAPPY CORN "Skazochnyj patrul"for microwave cooking


HAPPY CORN popcorn is one of the healthiest snacks available, as it is a complete grain product that is a source of high quality carbohydrates.
Making popcorn at home is an exciting and fun activity. And it is doubly pleasant to do this with the characters from the Fantasy Patrol!

Everything is so simple that you can make popcorn at home with small children. We have selected the most favorite flavors that will appeal to both children and adults - sweet, caramel and salty.

And the surprise inside the pack is another reason for joint activities: now the child's favorite T-shirt or shirt will be decorated with one of the heroes of the Fantasy Patrol. The patch sticker on clothes will appeal not only to girls, but also to boys. Collect the entire collection!

  • Net weight100gr.
  • Pack amount20pc.
  • Pack weight2.4kg.
  • Shelf life18mth.