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EURO FOODS is one of the most important players in the snack market of Russia and CIS countries.

The main activities of the company are the production and sale of products under trademarks:

  • "HAPPY CORN" - popcorn
  • "HAPPY CRISP" - wholegrain and corn chips, as well as bread
  • "Syrkach" - smoked cheeses
  • "Bread-salt" - bread snacks

The EURO FOODS company carefully approaches the choice of suppliers, therefore it uses only modern equipment and high-quality raw materials. Thanks to this, EURO FOODS products always retain their taste, natural aroma and benefits.

Since 2012, EURO FOODS LLC has been participating annually at international exhibitions, such as PRODEXPO and WorldFood. Products under the trademarks "Syrkach" and "Happy Corn" have repeatedly become gold, silver and bronze winners of the "Best Product of the Year" competition.

What allows EURO FOODS to ensure a wide distribution of its products in Russia and in the CIS countries?

  • high level of product quality
  • impeccable service
  • friendly relations with partners



The foundation of the production company "EURO FOODS". The appearance of the first trademark "СырКач"


Opening of the first sales of bread snacks under the trade mark "Хлеб-соль"

«Happy Corn»

Launch of a line for the production of popcorn brand "HAPPY CORN"


The appearance of the company "EURO FOODS" at the main exhibition venues in the field of food: PRODEXPO and WorldFood

«Happy Nachos»

Release of a line of corn chips of the brand "HAPPY NACHOS"


Rebranding of smoked and dried cheeses of the "СырКач" trademark


The start of sales of absolutely new snacks for the Russian market – Pop Chips, under the trademark "Varanda"


Creating a brand of whole grain corn and rice chips "HAPPY CRISP"

«HAPPY CORN» Gourmet

Total rebranding of the main line of popcorn "HAPPY CORN" and the introduction of a unique product to the market - popcorn in a chip serving "HAPPY CORN" Gourmet

Expansion of distribution

A significant increase in the number of counterparties (federal networks and retail outlets of non-chain retail throughout the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan.

We have entered new markets in Armenia and Mongolia.

New licensed assortment

We have developed, brought out and are successfully implementing two new popcorn lines on the market:

1. Microwave popcorn "Fabulous Patrol" with patch sticker;
2. Children's ready-made popcorn "Mi-mi-bears" with a toy inside.